Blue Willow Dining Set
This classic blue and white porcelain dinner set depicts a reflective scene: a graceful island home framed by knobby willows and pines; a meditative figure on an arching bridge. Set for six includes 10" dinner plates, 8" salad plates, 4.5" diam. rice bowls, soup spoons, soy dishes and tea cups. Set of six each (21lbs)


Dinner Plate (24oz) $9.95, Salad Plate (16oz) $3.95, Rice Bowl (8oz) $1.95,
Soup Spoon (4oz) $1.25, Serving Spoon (4oz) $3.95, Individual Bowls - 6, 7 & 8 inches (1 lb) $3.94, $4.95 or $5.95, Soy Dish (4oz) $1.50, Tea Cup (4oz) $1.00

Blue Willow noodle bowls and spoons are available as a set OR individually. See our complete collection of Blue Willow dishes here.