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Hours: Open Daily 10am to 6pm (Pacific Standard Time)

In case you experience any glitches in placing an order on this site, please visit our original Yahoo site.

Wok shopping? Wokology 101 (http://wokshop.com/store/tips.php) might answer a few questions and help you decide before purchasing your wok.



If you're interested in developing your stir-fry skills, join Wok Wednesdays, join a group of wok enthusiasts cooking their way through Grace Young’s cookbook Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge, winner of the 2011 James Beard Best International Cookbook Award. This is the perfect way for wok newbies to get their stir-fry skills going and for more advanced wokkers to share their knowledge. Recipes are posted twice a month. There's also incredible wok-related giveaways. http://wokwednesdays.wordpress.com/. Questions or comments? E-mail matt@greeneatsblog.com with  “Wok Wednesdays” in the subject line.
Watch this Grace Young, heatlthy stir fry tips video, go to: Grace Young And her Craftsy cooking class: Thoughout the class Grace uses the Wok Shop's flat-bottomed carbon-steel wok -- her all-time favourite pan. Be sure to watch her Craftsy cooking class on how to care and maintain your wok! 
 NEW! Try the flaxseed oil wok seasoning.By seasoning we mean prepare new woks for cooking, and the process creates dark-colored, naturally non-stick patina that allows you to cook in its lifespan. Try this genius method to get your new wok ready to cook! 

Stir-fry Recipes
Perforated Scoop 11" Diameter
Bamboo Cooking Utensils
This heavy-duty stainless scoop can be used commercially or in a home. The short
The set includes (left to right): tong, flat spatula, curved spatula, wok spatul
SRP: $4.95
SRP: $27.95$19.95 
SRP: $15.00$12.00 

Ninja Chopsticks
Kiwi Butcher Knife
Black Glass Fiber-Ploymers Chopsticks
One of the most famous Kiwi brand knife: No. 248 Kiwi Butcher Knife. 8"
Black poly carbafil (glass fiber-polymers) chopsticks with gold etched design ba
SRP: $3.95
SRP: $5.95
SRP: $9.95

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